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Link to Massey Ferguson website Massey Ferguson - Ever since Daniel Massey first started producing farm implements in 1847, three basic principles have guided Massey Ferguson to its current position of worldwide leadership: quality, innovation and service. Today those very same principles are evident in every single Massey Ferguson product.
Manufacturing a full line of tractors ranging from 13 to 225 PTO horsepower along with loaders, finish mowers, blades, 3 point backhoes and articulated weel loaders.
Link to New Holland North America
New Holland - Whether it's tractors, hay tools, or harvesting equipment, New Holland has the solutions that will keep you productive and profitable. . . Today and Tomorrow.
Manufacturers of tractors ranging from 14 to 210 PTO horsepower along with garden tractors, commercial mowers, skidsteer loaders, hay and forage equipment, spreaders and TMR mixers, loaders, finish mowers, rotary mowers, 3 point backhoes, blades, rotary tillers and snow blowers.
Link to Bush Hog website Bush Hog - They have established a stellar reputation over many years of providing customers with high quality products at competitive prices. The company enjoys a dominant market share in rotary cutters and continues to expand in other products, especially mounted loaders and turf and landscape products.
Manufactures of a full line of rotary cutters from 42" to 20', finish mowers from 48" to 17', plus disc mowers, zero-turn mowers, rotary tillers, post diggers, pluggers, pulverizers, loaders and 3 point backhoes.
Link to Grasshopper website Grasshopper - A manicured cut so smooth it makes your grass look and feel like carpet. Clean, even stripes that look as though they were painted on. A finish like this doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a mower with the perfect combination of power, performance, comfort and capabilities.
That’s why Grasshopper zero-turn mowers are designed to deliver the highest quality cut without compromising a fast mowing pace or a sweet ride for the operator.
Link to Kuhn North America website Kuhn - They pioneered disc mowing in 1967 and they now lead the industry with innovative designs that provide superior performance, long term reliability and value to customers on five continents. Kuhn produces and sells more disc bar mowers than any other manufacturer in the world.
Manufacturer of a full line of disc mowers from 5'3" to 10'2", disc mower conditioners from 6'7" to 16', hay tedders from 10'2" to 35'9", rotary rakes from 8'8" to 24", rotary tillers from 42" to 13', rollover plows from 2 bottom to 12 bottom, fertilizer, salt and sand spreaders, flail mowers, power harrows, bale unrollers, straw choppers and TMR mixers.
Link to H & S Manufacturing website H & S Manufacturing - They have become the design leader and largest player in the large hay rake market as well as market dominating forage boxes and manure spreaders.
Manufacturer of a full line of forage boxes from 14' to 20', wheel rakes from 12' to 35', manure spreader from 50 BU to 600 BU, bale throw rakes, trailers, bale wagons, fedder wagons, farm wagons, bale wrappers, line bale wrappers, forag blowers, reel and rotary tedders.
Link to LandPride website Land Pride - A division of Great Plains Mfg., Inc., Land Pride is a leading manufacturer of tractor mounted rotary tillers, grooming mowers, overseeders, rotary cutters, rear blades and landscape rakes.
Manufacturer of a full line of finish mowers from 48" to 21'9", rotary cutters from 42" to 15', flail mowers, post diggers, rotary tedders, powered rock rakes, 3 point blades and 3 point discs.
Link to CID website Construction Implements Depot, Inc. - CID Skid Steer Attachments specializes in manufacturing high quality skid steer attachments. Compact track loader attachments and compact tractor attachments including buckets, grapples, brush cutters, snow clearing attachments and hay equipment attachments. They strive to set themselves apart from the competitors. Offering the highest quality attachments at reasonable prices. CID prides itself in having knowledgeable and friendly customer service.
Link to Anderson website Anderson - For over 30 years, Anderson Group has produced agricultural products making hay storage easier. Always innovating, the enterprise optimizes its machines so that farmers save time during the harvesting season. Anderson designs and builds reliable equipment, high quality and innovative design, which can achieve maximum performance and provide operation that requires the intervention of a single person.
Link to Gravely website Gravely - So why have so many people for generations stood by the Gravely brand? Plain and simple, the equipment stands up to the work. Work a Gravely and you will experience the passion and pride, the attention to detail, the confidence that went into putting it all together.
The Atlas Job Site Vehicle (JSV) isn't born for jaunting throught the woods. It is designed, built and bred to ge the job done. Hauling, towing, working.The capacity and capabilities, power and performance are second to none.
When there is a paycheck at stake, professionals demand a vehicle that doesn't play around. Which is why we went to work to build a machine that works for you.
Link to Load Trail website Load Trail - Load Trail is committed to delivering high quality trailers that are engineered – and built – to work hard every day, just like you. Load Trail has over 21 years of experience in trailer manufacturing and every trailer is built in their state-of-the art facility right here in the USA. Load Trail understands the importance of quick deliveries and they have implemented many advanced technologies providing short response times and increased visibility. The Load Trail brand means high quality, high performance and lasting durability – every time, with every trailer. Load Trail trailers are Built for the long haul.
Link to Haybuster website Haybuster - DuraTech Industries International, Inc. (originally Haybuster Manufacturing) was established in 1966, and was initially located in Minot, North Dakota. The founder of the company, Joe Anderson was a rancher and farmer who recognized the benefits of grinding hay for his livestock herd. However, the grinders available then were too large and expensive for the average rancher or farmer to own and operate. Joe's vision was to build a tub grinder that would better fit the agricultural application, thus beginning J&J Manufacturing which was subsequently named HAYBUSTER MANUFACTURING COMPANY. In the early 1970's, HAYBUSTER was relocated to a larger facility in Jamestown, North Dakota (now 46 acres and 206,500 sq ft under roof) where extra emphasis was placed on expanding the company's product line. During this time, additional hay processing and handling equipment products were developed. Additionally, other agriculturally related products were developed by HAYBUSTER, including "no-till" drills, undercutters, and rock pickers.
Link to Pequea website Pequea - Pequea was founded by a local Amish farmer who wanted to dry his hay quicker. He started to build a fluffer tedder on his farm located along the Pequea Creek in the Pequea Valley of Gordonville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In 1990 Dennis Skibo came to Pequea to help run the company’s sales and marketing. In 1992 Mr. Skibo bought the company. In 2001 the company out grew its 37,000 square foot facility and moved in to the present 100,000 square foot location in New Holland PA. Pequea has grown from a small company with local customers to mid-size company with dealers and distributors throughout North America and parts of Europe. Pequea is committed to a family friendly business model blended with innovation and growth. Pequea, Tradition in Progress.
Manufacturer of a full line of 8 and 10 bale wagons, hay tedders, rotary rakes, 10' to 30' feeder wagons, 6 to 12 ton wagon gears, 16' to 18' bale throw racks, 50 to 110 BU PTO and ground drive manure spreaders, PTO cut off saws, 8' to 22" utility and gooseneck trailers.
Link to Great Plains website Great Plains - Great Plains Ag, a division of Great Plains Mfg., Inc., is a company proud of its midwestern roots. Based in Salina, Kansas, Great Plains Ag has been a leader in seeding equipment since its inception in 1976. Great Plains not only remains a leading producer of grain drills, but is also recognized across North America as a leader in vertical tillage and conventional tillage equipment, fertilizer applicators, sprayers, planters, compact drills, and now rotary cutters.
Regardless of which tillage practice or condition you face, accurate seed placement is important. Every Great Plains drill seeds with a time-proven technique they call the "Science of Seeding"
Manufacturer of a full line of grain drills from 6' to 40', conventional, no till and air drills.
Link to Wallenstein website Wallenstein - Wallenstein began building log splitters over 25 years ago near the rural community of Wallenstein, Ontario, Canada. Originally sold direct to customers, these log splitters quickly gained a reputation for being of the highest quality with exceptional durability.
Early customers began talking about their “Wallenstein log splitters” leading to the “Wallenstein” brand name. The company quickly grew and within a few years Wallenstein log splitters could be found in national retailers and farm equipment dealerships across Canada.
Today, Wallenstein continues to build on the reputation for durability and quality, and produces multiple product lines used by satisfied customers around the world.
Link to Westendorf website Westendorf - For nearly 80 years Westendorf has been manufacturing the strongest, most reliable and highest quality tractor loaders on the market. Designed with you, the customer, in mind--a Westendorf front end loader will exceed all your material handling expectations in lift height, lift capacities, and performance while maintaining the lowest-profile you need. Westendorf stands in the heart of America's farmbelt. Born in 1934 this Onawa, IA, business has grown to become the undisputed leader in the design and manufacture of Power-Mount™ loaders, as well as quick-change attachments, versatile tractor implements and attachments. Westendorf is recognized as an innovative producer of loaders and equipment that fit over 15,000 makes/models of tractors.
Link to Aerway website AerWay - With its' many years of experience and AerWays' multi-function design, it has given AerWay the ability to meet the changing and varying cropping demands throughout North America and beyond!
AerWay models range from approximately 41 inches to 50 feet cultivation width. Depending on size, they come in 3 Point or Pull Type Configuration. Rigid Frames are available as well as folding units. Of course only AerWay gives you different tine options to better fit your cultivation or aeration needs.
Link to Kverneland website Kverneland - Kverneland Group is a leading international company developing, producing and distributing agricultural machinery and services.
Strong focus on innovation allows us to provide a unique and broad product range with high quality. Kverneland Group offers an extensive package aimed at the professional farming community, covering the areas of soil and seeding equipment, forage and bale equipment, spreading, spraying and electronic solutions for agricultural tractors and machinery.
Manufacturer of a full line of bale wrappers (5 models to choose from with 3 point and tow models), rotary rakes from 13'8" to 27'8" widths, disc mower conditioners from 7'10' to 13'2", disc mowers from 5'4" to 10'6", round bale choppers (5 models), moldboard plows from 2 bottom to 12 bottom, tandem disc harrows from 15' to 21', rotary tillers and planters.
Link to Art's Way website Art's Way - Iowa farmer Arthur Luscombe founded Art’s Way Manufacturing in 1956, to produce and sell a PTO powered grinder mixer he developed on his farm near Dolliver, Iowa. His first product was a great success that marked the beginning of his amazing career as an inventor and entrepreneur. In 1959, Luscombe moved the company from his original plant in downtown Armstrong to its present location, and the grinder mixer line was expanded to include OEM work for companies such as Massey Ferguson, Owatonna and Case or as it was known then, International Harvester.
Today, Art’s Way has approximately 200 employees and operates its 4 business units in 7 facilities. Arthur Luscombe’s dedication to innovation, quality and durability remains the central focus of our products and business practices. We take pride in the quality of our grinder mixers, sugar beet harvesters, graders, plows and other farm machinery, and continue to expand our product lines to meet the needs of our customers.
Today Art’s Way continues to seek opportunities to grow organically and diversify by acquisition. The company maintains a focus on continually improving its products, introducing new products, expanding within existing markets, and entering new and diverse areas of business. Art’s Way remains an OEM supplier to Case New Holland and H&S Mfg. and markets its own products under Art’s Way, MillerPro, AgroTrend and Universal Harvester brands.
Link to Quicke website ALO - Quicke Q-series shows how clever engineering makes all the difference. Outstanding visibility, optimized work angles, and smooth and easy implement changes are just start. Back all that up with the intelligence of Q-companion, and you just won’t find a more high-functioning, usable front loader.
Manufacturer of a full line of agricultural loaders with attachments.
Link to Brown Tree Cutter website Brown Manufacturing Corp. - Brown Mfg. Corp. was instrumental in mechanizing the digging and harvesting of peanuts. Brown Mfg Corp. built the first tractor hitch mounted peanut digger, which allowed the peanut combine to be pulled through the field, eliminating the need to haul peanuts to the stationary peanut combine. Brown Mfg. Corp. has also built numerous other types of farm equipment throughout the years, including rotary cutters, tilt-bed trailers, disc harrows, post hole diggers, portable elevators, row crop cultivators, rolling cultivators, in-row sub-soiling no till planters and a high residue cultivator to name a few.
Brown products are sold in every state in the United States and the company has Tree Cutter and TRENCH MASTER distributors in 15 locations internationally.
Link to Danuser website Danuser - Danuser is a manufacturer of diverse products from OEM parts to industrial and agricultural attachments. Our family-owned company was built in 1910 with the philosophy, “Good enough won’t do – it must be right.” That work ethic continues to this day. Coupling our over 100 years of experience with the latest in manufacturing technology, we are dedicated to remaining the benchmark in each of our divisions.
The name Danuser is synonymous with quality. Danuser has been a leading manufacturer of quality equipment since 1943, providing the agricultural, industrial, and rental industries with solutions for their everyday problems. With our world renowned auger systems leading the way, Danuser is also a proud producer of post drivers, concrete breakers, material handling buckets, pallet forks, and a tree and post puller.
Link to Unverferth website Unverferth Manufacturing - Unverferth is a leading manufacturer and marketer of tillage equipment, pull-type sprayers, fertilizer applicators, hay and grain handling equipment, and agricultural dual and specialty wheels. The family owned atmosphere which promotes pride in product quality and value is as prevalent today as it was over 65 years ago.
Link to Kasco website Kasco Manufacturing - Kasco Manufacturing is a family-owned business, specializing in design, manufacture, and marketing of innovative equipment for today’s farmer.
Kasco Manufacturing of Shelbyville, Indiana has long been known as an innovator in the ag equipment products, landscape and skid steer fields.
We are also now the proud manufacturer of the Herd line of Broadcast Seeders and Broadcast Spreaders, continuing the proud heritage of quality established by Herd Seeder Corporation more than 60 years ago.
Link to Kelley Mfg website Kelley Manufacturing Corporation - It all began in 1912 when the Kelley family launched C.C. Kelley & Son in Mishawaka, Indiana. With a passion for quality and a commitment to performance, Kelley Manufacturing Corporation solidified its place as a leader in building small backhoes.
More than 100 years later, and more than 10,000 backhoes sold, Kelley Manufacturing Corporation is still a family-owned business. In 2014, the Miller family purchased the company and relocated production to Ottoville, Ohio, alongside its other business, Miller Precision Manufacturing Industries.
Kelley Manufacturing Corporation is still known for heavy-duty, high-quality backhoes that are made in the USA. With so many units in operation, it’s easy to see why customers around the world count on Kelley for powerful, long-lasting products.
The Miller family is proud to carry on the Kelley tradition, providing the exceptional service and durable products our customers have come to expect. From homeowners to farmers, our staff and distributor/dealer network are here to help you find the products you need to get the job done.
Link to Killbros website Killbros - Kill Brothers began when brothers Luke and William opened a small welding and radiator shop in Delphos, Ohio during World War II. Shortly after the end of the war, brothers Richard and Linus, joined the business and they expanded by becoming a Case Farm Implement dealer and manufacturing towers for television antennas.
This lasted until 1954, when they decided to turn to manufacturing something totally different, and developed a gravity grain box. With the growing market for grain boxes, they quickly established themselves exclusively as a farm equipment manufacturer, foregoing their other businesses. The manufacturing business quickly outgrew their downtown location and by 1964, a new plant was constructed west of Delphos to meet the growing demand.
Today, the Delphos facility continues producing a wide variety of quality farm equipment, including Killbros, Top Air, Unverferth, Parker and Brent products. In addition to the timeless tradition of orange grain boxes with blue gears, red and green Killbros grain carts and high-capacity wagons can now be seen across the countryside throughout harvest. The Killbros tradition of value and quality continues today in a wide variety of products.